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Social Distancing at the Fair

(State fair or County Fair)


April 23, 2020


As we are entering the season of County Fairs -- and soon State Fairs to follow -- the concept of social distancing remains forefront in the minds of fair-goers all across the country.

County fairs and state fairs are -- in many ways -- similar to Consumer Shows.   They have commercial exhibitors, and direct consumer interactions.   


But, the fairs go way beyond that.   Most of them also have the annual 4-H and FFA contest terminal events for the county or state.   There is often a midway, and the fairgrounds themselves often have attractions that are unique to the event.

Complete social distancing is certainly not possible.    But, tools like tXpo do bring some options to the table for the commercial exhibitors portion of the event.

With, your consumer attendees are able to simply send a short text code to a number posted in the booth.   In the process, they make a firm digital contact connection with the exhibitor, and can then also retrieve the exhibitor literature digitally -- all without having to touch anything -- or carry the literature around for that matter.  The attendee and exhibitor can then dialog with each other at their own convenience -- either onsite or a later time.

So, tXpo is an excellent low-cost lightweight way to make firm contact connections, and close more deals at/from your fair.

tXpo was not originally designed for social distancing.   It was originally designed as a exhibition tool to;

  • Green the event thru digital literature distribution

  • Create consumer-initiated inquiries for exhibitors

  • Bring new revenue to the show producer

  • Be lightweight and stand-alone in it's implementation

These features remain and bring value, even if your primary concern is social distancing.

So, as you are planning your fair -- be it county or state -- you might consider the tXpo system.  It's light, inexpensive, and stand-alone.   And, it's BRAND NEW!!  Very tech trendy!!

It uses the tools and skills that your attendees already have and know;

  • no training

  • no special app

  • no passwords or logins

  • no reliance on onsite infrastructure

  • no relationship to registration or badging (as most fairs don't have this anyway).

To understand more about how this works, reference this article.   And, then contact us and we'll work with you for your fair.

Keep tXpo in mind for your next County or State fair!!


See details and a demo here.   Video Presentation and Live Demo Here.

Stay Healthy!

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