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Lead Capture at the Consumer Show

April 23, 2020

Capturing leads at a consumer show has always been a challenge.   


Lead-capture has been a part of the trade-show industry for many decades.    But, those shows have formal registration processes and badging.   Consumer shows have neither - except perhaps an informal online method to purchase tickets in advance.

But, generally a consumer is is "defined" as "consumer" -- people off of the street.   Anyone can walk-up, perhaps pay a ticket price, and walk in.

So, lead-capture without a formal registration process that is consistently applied across all attendees is impossible in the traditional trade-show models

There are some solutions out there like EXPO-GO that endeavor to replicate a similar process for consumer shows.   But, many of the holes still remain. however is very different.   It turns the lead-capture process on it's head.   It deploys the tools that attendees and exhibitors already have, and are already familiar with.    And, allows the consumer to drive the process in an entirely voluntary participation environment with continuous "opt-in" or "opt-out" options.

  • No special apps or tools

  • No training

  • No passwords or logins

  • No infrastructure requirement

  • No Registration or Badges

Additionally, tXpo brings advantages and features to the event;

  • New consumer-driven inquiries for exhibitors

  • New Show revenue for the producers

  • GREENS the show by eliminating paper

  • low/no cost deployment

  • Stands alone (relies on no other systems)

Contact tXpo today, and we'll work with you to bring these features to your event.

See details and a demo here.   Video Presentation and Live Demo Here.

Since this service is stand-alone, it can be deployed almost instantly.   However, two-weeks is generally recommended so that exhibitors have an opportunity to learn of the system, and setup their presence accordingly.

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