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How it works - Details

​The short of it!

  1. Every Exhibitor gets a sign (or perhaps multiple signs) promoting their own private SMS (texting) shortcode.   Here are some demo examples

  2. When an attendee is interested in an exhibitor's products, they text the exhibitor's unique code (which they see on the sign in the booth) to the designated number.    They immediately receive back a text acknowledging their inquiry, and providing a private link to that exhibitor's literature in digital form.

As part of the texting transaction, the attendee is also passing their contact information to the exhibitor.   So, the exhibitor is able to follow-up later -- in a very personal and socially-distant way.   Everyone is kept fully informed in the process.

So, the attendee expresses their interest to the exhibitor, and collects the exhibitors materials digitally -- and never has to touch anything.  Also, the exhibitor receives valuable consumer-initiated inquires -- which they can follow-up on usually by phone or email (also very socially distant sensitive).


This eliminates the paper of the literature, and transfers the information in a very environmentally sensitive way.   As adoption of this service increases, greater weights of paper printing, shipping, and distribution are eliminated.


Everything is optional!!   The attendee isn't required to engage the service.   And the exhibitor is not required to follow-up on the inquires (tho, who wouldn't?).   The attendee is able to opt-out at any time -- including after they have already engaged the system.

  • Simple, clear, & straight-forward functionality

  • Uses technology that attendees already have and know

  • No special apps

  • No Usernames or passwords

  • No onsite technical infrastructure (relies on the cell phone network)

  • VERY lightweight & quick deployment  (only requires booth signs)

  • No-deployment-cost to the event.

  • Exhibitors pay a fee for the inquiries

  • Revenue is shared with the event


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