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Green Your Exposition or Fair

April 26, 2020

Have you ever given any thought to how much "waste" there is at your exposition or fair?     Especially related to paper??

Every exhibitor has dressed their displays with brochures and flyers, and literature of all sorts.   Attendees gather this up, and carry it around in a bag.   Only to lose or discard most of it later.

But beyond that, think of the energy that is expended producing this stuff, and transporting it to your event.   Paper is heavy.   Printing is expensive, and transportation isn't cheap.   Enormous resources are expended making all of this - largely discarded - material present at your exposition.

Let's start to change that!

I won't happen overnight for sure.    But, as we learn how to make these "informational conveyances" more fluid and economical; and, as attendees learn that they can get all of that stuff digitally and with less effort; and, they learn that this keeps their collection safely available for later access;  and they can travel the expo floor so much more lightly; then we have begun the process.

tXpo brings all of the technical tools to start this trend.   And, it does so using the processes and gadgets that attendees and exhibitors are already familiar with.

Give tXpo a look today!   

See details and a demo here.   Video Presentation and Live Demo Here.

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