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Expositions in the Social Distancing Age

March 27, 2020


Wow!   Who would have thought only a couple of short weeks ago that we would be living in a world of isolation!   We are all sequestered into our home cocoons, trying to keep separation between us and the remainder of the world.


When we do go out, we keep our distance -- and avoid touching anything -- and simply avoid people in whatever way we can.


The difficulty here is, of course, the great unknown.    Maybe we’re overreacting --- but, how can we know? Seems best to be most cautious -- at least until science brings us some knowledge, and -- front that -- some ease.


Even when much becomes known, and science brings us ease -- the ideals and practice  of social distancing will likely endure in the minds of the public for many months beyond.


But, expositions are in many ways the exact opposite.    The excitement of the event is all the people, all the stuff, all the vendors, and food, and festivities!!    All of this is antithetical to the social distancing objective.   Humans are social creatures, and expos are social extreme.


When we first starting developing the tXpo system -- some months ago -- it was conceived primarily as two things;

1.  A tool to GREEN the expo, by significantly reducing its environmental load.

2.  Bringing an innovative lead-capture system to the show.   Thereby increasing exhibitor ROI and overall satisfaction. 

But, now as we find ourselves in this odd arms-length world of social distancing, it also occurs that this service achieves that objective as well.

3.  Facilitates continued social distancing while interacting with exhibitors, collecting literature, taking advantage of show specials, and making the germ-less electronic connections that are so essential in this day.


This is all so new!    And, our tXpo service is also very new.


Let’s connect and work together to see how tXpo can facilitate social distancing at your event, and provide a level of ease and comfort to both your exhibitors and attendees.


The tXpo system is easy and quick to deploy.  It requires NO onsite infrastructure, and doesn’t interface or interact with your systems, registration, or admission processes in any way.  It stands alone and separate -- and yet facilitates so much!

We’re new to this too!!    So, let’s form a team and tackle it together!! 

See details and a demo here.   Video Presentation and Live Demo Here.

Social Distancing at the Expo        State and Local Fairs        Farm Show Lead Collection       Consumer Show Lead Collection 

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