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Social Distancing Accommodation at Expos and Fairs

April 24, 2020

Discussions are occurring all thru the industry regarding how "long" this devastating impact is going to play out on the events industry.

Indeed, this segment of industry is likely one of the most dramatically impacted as virtually all events have been cancelled in the last months.   Large facilities are being re-designated as field hospitals, or other accommodation such as food distribution, and so on.

Changing out the facilities is the least of our concerns.   The professionals that operate these facilities are quite accustomed to completely changing the purpose and function on a weekly basis -- as the events industry goes.

But, the bigger question is how quickly will people return.    When conventions, expos, and fairs begin to hold their schedules -- will people attend?    That is an excellent question.

The ideal of social distancing will remain strong on the minds and conduct of our public for many months - or even years to come.   As an industry, we need to find a way to accommodate that within the exposition fair industry.

tXpo was NOT designed for social distancing.   It was intended as a expo "greening" tool, and to generate sales inquiries for exhibitors and provide additional revenues to the producers.    And, it does all of that.

But, tXpo also offers an excellent social-distancing accommodation as a simple function of how it works.   Attendees are able -- thru the sending of a single text (from signage in each booth) to collect the exhibitors literature in digital form -- and to simultaneously pass their contact info for an appropriate follow-up later.    This accommodates all exhibitor/attendee connectivity requirements, and does so in both a "green" and "socially distant" way.

tXpo is a brand-new service.  Only just now opening to booking events.   But, it might be something to consider for your exposition or fair -- as it is very tech-trendy, green, and brings little to no deployment cost.

See details and a demo here.   Video Presentation and Live Demo Here.

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