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Simple Tech Enabled - Kleen and Green

Exhibitor/Attendee Connections

  • Green!  Reduces Enviro Impact

  • Brings New Inquiries to Exhibitors

  • Sanitize Connections

  • Socially Distant

  • New Show Revenue!

  • Completely stand alone

  • Requires no onsite infrastructure

  • Lightweight no-cost deployment

  • Uses tools attendees already have and know

  • No usernames or passwords

  • No special apps to download or install

  • No networks to setup

  • No Registration or badging needed.

Simple Tech, Green, Quick, Easy, Lightweight, Touch-less, and socially distant.

Connecting Buyers and Sellers at your Show!

Brings new Value & Revenue!

Connecting Buyers and Sellers!

Attendees are always looking for a way to streamline and maximize their time at your show!       How it works details.

  • Their time on the floor is limited.

  • The booth personnel are busy with other visitors.

  • They prefer a personal visit.

  • They don't feel comfortable in the public environment.

  • They want to preserve any show-deals for use or reference later.

  • They can receive exhibitors' major Brand/Product brochures Electronically (green)

  • They wish to adhere to Social Distancing.

tXpo leverages these common situations, and allows attendees to use the tech tools and skills that they already have to register their interest.   In the process, they access that exhibitor's literature and special deals.   

No apps!   No usernames!  No Passwords!!  Total ease of use.

In the end, these contacts are brought to the exhibitor for their ultimate followup.   Everybody wins!

Green Your Event!

Everyone is carrying a smartphone today.   And, everyone is texting today.      How it works details & Demo.


We prefer our documents in digital form so that they can be stored and referenced later.   We don't have to bag and carry them (and keep track of them, and find them, and discard them eventually).

tXpo allows attendees to gather their literature and show specials (any documents offered by the exhibitor) via a text-and-select system.   This way their selected flyers and specials are stored electronically and permanently. 

This GREENs as it reduces (and eventually eliminates) the need for paper/glossy brochures, flyers, and specials.   It also eliminates the need to print them, and ship them to the show, etc.  -- reducing the carbon footprint in numerous ways.

The text and select system, however, strengthens your expo, because the user must be present to see & participate.

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tXpo's professionals bring 30+ years of show technology experience.

With our expertise and experience, you can count on a

straightforward process and professional interactions.

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